Safe Routes to School Palo Alto


School Commute Maps

Picking the right route to school is as important as safe commuting habits.  Most schools have a map (available on the school's website or in the handbook) to help you evaluate the best way to and from campus.


If you don't see a map on your school's website then contact your school's PTA Traffic Safety Representative (TSR) for additional tips.  For a list of TSRs, please click on "Who to Contact".


Palo Alto Commute Maps:

Please use the following maps to help you plan your overall commute to school.  These are excellent resources on the City of Palo Alto's transportation plan for Safe Routes to School.


Individual School Maps  Walk and Roll Maps for all 17 PAUSD school sites can be found here.


Bike Commute Map for the Mid-Peninsula (large file and may take longer to load)