Safe Routes to School Palo Alto


Our Vision: Safe Routes to School

In April 2004, Palo Alto community members joined together with the PTA, Palo Alto School District, City Council, Police Department, City of Palo Alto City Staff, and other interested groups to create a Safe Routes to School task force.


This team knew that by working together, they could leverage resources from the entire community to create positive change in Palo Alto in creating Safe Routes to School.  The increased awareness and communication has lead to many successful projects in and around our community.

What is Safe Routes to School?

Safe Routes to School is an international movement designed to increase the number of children walking and biking to school.  Parents are joining with community organizations, civic leaders, school districts, law enforcement, and traffic engineers to get children walking and biking to school more often.  These teams sponsor activities that integrate health, fitness, traffic relief, environmental awareness and safety under one program.


The most successful programs incorporate the five E’s: education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement, and evaluation.   You'll see all of these components in our Safe Routes to School programs.

Benefits of Safe Routes to School

We believe that our community will benefit from getting more children traveling safely to school on foot or bike, with greater frequency.


Providing Safe Routes to School offers a wide range of benefits:

  • It's Fun!
  • It's Healthy!
  • It's Non-Polluting!
  • It's Friendly!
  • It's Educational!
  • Walking + Biking = Healthy Children!