Safe Routes to School Palo Alto


Crossing Guards

The City of Palo Alto's Police Department provides adult crossing guards at key intersections throughout Palo Alto.  The placement of these crossing guards is determined by the number of children using the intersection and the location relative to the school commute corridor.


Key Information regarding the Adult Crossing Guards:

  • Locations of Adult Crossing Guards.
  • Responsibilities of the guards are to provide a visible notification to vehicles that students are crossing at the intersection. They will walk into the intersection while the students are crossing and exit only when all the students have crossed. It is the student's responsibility to listen to the crossing guard and only cross when they are told to. Guards are prohibited from enforcing any laws and will only request that instructions be followed.
  • To Report Absent Guards The Palo Alto Police Department and American Guard Services (AGS) are committed to providing safe passage for students traveling to and from our local schools. Inevitably, there may be an occasion when an AGS school crossing guard may not be at his/her assigned location during the morning or afternoon school commute times, either due to tardiness, illness, or some other circumstance. In this instance, the primary goal is to install a replacement guard at the particular location as soon as possible. The AGS Field Supervisor will generally respond to the location and handle the guard duties or she will activate one of several 'floater' guards.

    To that end, the most effective way to get an immediate response is to contact AGS personnel directly. Staff should first contact:

    • Mr. Don Shamp, the AGS Field Supervisor, at (650) 380-5795.
      Generally, he may already be aware of the situation and in the process of assigning another guard. If he does not answer the phone right away, he may be actively conducting crossing guard duties himself at another location. In this case, please contact Mr. Jason Johnson, AGS Operations Manager, at (510) 895-9245, ext 4300 to report the absence and request coverage.
    • If for some reason Staff is unable to communicate with either Mr. Shamp or Mr. Johnson, Staff should call PAPD Communications at (650) 329-2413. Please let the dispatcher know that an intersection is unstaffed so the traffic officer can respond as quickly possible.
    • If the AGS personnel were not able to resolve the staffing issue, please take a moment to email PAPD Lt Con Maloney at: to report the incident so that he can properly manage AGS’ performance. Similarly, all questions, comments, or complaints regarding AGS should be directed to Lt Maloney via email or direct extension at 650-329-2637. Thank you for your help; we are looking forward to a SAFE year!